Feel the magic from mystery slot machines

Feel the magic from mystery slot machines

Today it is difficult to surprise someone with something standard or classic. In the field of gambling, there is an absolutely diverse range of slot machines on completely different topics and from different manufacturers. In the market of slot machines now there is a huge variety of gaming manufacturers, among which there are those who specialize exclusively in creating slot machines.

The purpose of our review is to introduce you to the variety of slots in the gambling market and among game portals, and also to help you choose the appropriate slot game among all the other mystery games.

The object of this review will be the Mystery slot machines, which are now very popular on every gaming site and portal.

Before proceeding directly to the classification of all slots, let’s look at a couple of points that will help you distinguish slot games by their quality.

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  • Each game has its own license. The license depends on the creation and provider of the game. The most leading gaming providers today are Microgaming, NetEnt and RTG. Depending on the license of the game, the quality itself will directly depend on whether the entertainment will be available in many countries since gambling is often prohibited in many regions.
  • The number of paylines in the slot. As a rule, all classic slots have five reels and an unlimited number of paylines. Legend has it that the more of those lines, the higher the chance of winning the jackpot. But we will tell you that in order to win the game, you need to pay attention not to the line, but to the RTP.
  • This is a percentage that shows how likely it is that you can win and get a jackpot. As correct, this percentage is indicated in the game settings or on the website of its developer.
  • Technology which are used in creating the game itself also plays a big role. There are slots that are created using 3D technology, but there are those that are simply in the classic 2D traditions. In any case, all this is a matter of taste. Usually, the technology by which a game is created is immediately clear from its cover.

Now let’s go ahead to consider the very classifications of the slots which are now the most on the market.


Mystery slots classification

All slots can be divided into several categories, depending on their subject, variety and quality. In fact, there are a huge number of different types of slot machines, but in order to simplify your life, we decided to place them in only three general categories according to which slot machines can be distinguished.



A special kind of game that will add excitement to your pastime. The whole feature of jackpots is that these games give you the opportunity to win a real jackpot. It works as follows: all bets made on the jackpot slot are summed up on different game portals and converted into one big win.

The winning amount is indicated immediately on the slot icon. All you need to try to play this game is to place the minimum bet that the slot itself requires and just a little luck.


Classic Slots

The first slot machines that saw the light are classic slots. Initially, such gaming machines were in bars or other cultural institutions. The principle of classic slots is that they have few paylines, and they are usually made in simple 2D drawing. Very few people release such games, but nevertheless you can definitely find at least one slot on the casino website with symbols in which there are simple cherries and the minimum bet is as low as possible.


Topic Slots

The most popular and sought-after gaming entertainment on casino sites are theme slots. These are the games that are now at the top of every request. Surely everyone at least once looked for slots that fit his mood. The object of this summary, as already mentioned, is the Mystery Slots, the purpose of which is to introduce the player into the atmosphere of enigma and magic.  Now you can find slots on completely different topics. There are even games that were created based on other computer games, films, cartoons, or even TV shows.


Top 5 mystery slot machine

To simplify your task, we have already selected the five best mystery-themed games that will definitely interest you if you are a fan of puzzles.

  1. Mystery Quest by PariPlay –  gives you the opportunity to feel like a real discoverer and mystery plunderer. Spin and open the code that will open you the mystery of the tomb. The maximum jackpot amount that you can win in this game is 20 thousand dollars. By the way, this is a great example of a classic video slot in which Scatters and Wild symbols can drop out, as well as free spins.
  2. Avalon: The Lost Kingdom by BGaming – the mysterious atmosphere of the Middle Ages, beautiful ladies and mysterious goblets. This thematic slot will give its players a large number of bonuses, and an RTP of 95%. There are twenty paylines and five reels. Bet on any of them.
  3. Mysterious Slot by Pragmatic Play – the name of the slot already speaks for itself. Streets of the city were covered with dense fog and turned a blind eye to the view of old houses and ghosts. This is not a progressive slot, but here the player will be able to place bets on as many as four thousand paylines and even more. Almost a record number of paylines. In addition, the game provides several different bonuses and free spins. RTP in this game is 96.5%.
  4. Release of Kraken by Pragmatic Play – just for lovers of sea puzzles and the atmosphere of the ocean floor. Only twenty paylines and a few bonus symbols in the form of scatters and wilds. But there is no multiplayer that could double your winnings.
  5. Rise of Horus by Evoplay – 243 paylines located on five reels. At the moment, from our review, this is the slot with the highest RTP of 96%. A game with a pure Egyptian atmosphere, and complete mystery. This slot makes it possible to bet in cryptocurrency, including several types of bitcoin.


Where to play in mystery slots

More than varieties of slots, there can only be a huge number of game portals on which each player will be able to try out exactly the game that he wants and which will seem most pleasant to him. As well as slots, you can choose online gaming portals that offer their services and games to gamblers. We have selected some of the most important criteria by which it is best to choose an online casino. So:

  • Each casino has its own license. The more approvals the portal has from different countries, the more accessible is the platform for playing in different countries. Also, licenses and approvals indicate how safe the game on the site is. Pay attention to whether there is approval from a platform such as eCOGRA.
  • Support service. If you have questions, first of all you will need to ask for help in a live chat or by calling the hotline. Based on this, you need to pay attention to whether the site has the necessary services for which you can ask for help.
  • Access to games. When you are not sure whether you want to play this or that game, you can test it in the demo version. But not every casino provides such services. Moreover, it is also worth considering how many casinos offer ways to withdraw money and replenish a deposit to your account.
  • Well, the last factor that is simply worth considering is the reviews and ratings of the game portal. And also the year the portal was founded, just to even know what experience the gaming portal has.



Mystery progressive slots are now available for playing on completely different gaming platforms. Especially these slots are available for games in Canada, England, New Zealand, Australia. In conclusion, we want to say that in 2021, the most relevant is the use of bonuses that each game portal offers in its own way. The most important promotion is a welcome bonus, most often not requiring a promotion or bonus code.

Almost all gaming platforms support the mobile version of the site. That is, the player can play his favorite games while simply in bed or even in line. All sites support the screen resolution of a tablet or phone. And betting or withdrawing money from a mobile device is even easier than from a PC.

And of course, do not forget that every game should be responsible. Casino gaming sites have addressed this issue and, in order to avoid addiction, have provided a number of limits and restrictions. The simplest examples of these are restrictions on bets, losses, and while on the site. All this a player can build himself in his personal account on the gaming site.