Love Vegas Slots: Spin your heart and luck too

When you talk about games on the online gambling site, slot machines are on the top of the list. Whether you are a beginner or an expert player; everyone loves to play them. This is an understood thing that sloty machines will pay you more and bigger than you wagers. So that’s why players round the globe are more interested in betting on them. The rise of slot machines starts from the traditional and classic slots that were combined with the modern themes. Then because of intense feedback from the players, software providers worked hard to provide the players with best quality video slots; some of them are three dimensional too. So for tempting the players, different gambling sites use video slots with unique and incredible themes. Like you can say, adventure/action theme, politics theme, magic theme, TV serial based themes, dreamy themes and Love theme etc. So today, in this review we are going to discuss the love themed sloticious games that will give you true love feelings on screen.

Logo Casino RTP
Spin Casino 96,52% PLAY Casino 96,42% PLAY
Betway Casino 96,20% PLAY
888 Casino 95% PLAY
Europa Casino 91,98% PLAY

If you do the census, you will observe that these love games are mainly loved by the female gamblers, but male players should also keep in mind that lovely slots will pay them handsome winning. There are many online sites that provide the players with unique love themed games, with different paylines and bonus feature. Some of them are immortal romance, the love boat etc. Are you bored of betting on action slots and want sloty machines with vibrant colors and theme? Then you should necessarily give the try to Love Vegas Slots, we guarantee you that you will sink into the romantic air of bliss and delight. And you will definitely feel like you are flying on the sky full of love with your soul mate.


Appealing appearance of Love Slots:

When you open the sloty machine, you will feel love is in the air; because of the interface, pure graphics and mesmerizing sounds. Most of these love based games consist of tint and shades of Red, Pink and vibrant colors. Flying hearts, red roses, yummy cakes, chocolates and shiny bright love oriented objects are considered as the symbol of the love-slots. Some of the games show intense love that you feel it deeply and become passionate to play the game again and again.

The software providers like PlayTech, Microgaming and NextGen launched a bundle of seductive sloticious love machines that spellbound you and you will even forget to eat and sleep.  Many casinos regulate this bundle of joy for their punters. You can compare the quality of these amazing games provided by paramount software companies. High stream pixels and graphics with clear sound give you a real time feeling and you play enthusiastically without any worries. Do you want to fill your eyes with immersive romance? Do you want love in your mobile? Then do search for a casino that gives you lovely feelings with fun and rewards too. There are millions of sites available to give you Goosebumps.


Choose the best love live slots:

Do you believe in love at first sight? The love that takes you far away from the real world? Romance is in the blood? Then grab your mobile/pc to experience an enchanting gaming adventure surrounded by candles with your loved ones. But the main issue is that, where do you want to play and what type of love games do you prefer? Don’t worry; we are here to guide you step by step. Don’t waste your time in searching and visiting different websites; just sign up to Spin Casino or Europa Casino for maximum entertainment. You will find one of the best love themed slots that make your inner self happy and delighted.

When you login to one of these gambling sites, they will please you by offering a welcome bonus on your beloved slots. Once you are in, you will experience much more along with a feeling of affection and love; you will get amazing bonuses through the promo code scheme. You will play whichever slot you want, whether you are playing on a mobile at a resort in Canada or laying on a bench somewhere in England. So love is not only a man to man connection, love is a feeling that these casinos transfer into you by providing a huge range of classic love slot machines to the players.


Best love theme slots:

Love themed games are always an attraction for the players of all the ages. Some of the best slots, who have love based themes and their RTP, are listed below. You can also find and play the following games in the Casinos mentioned against them.

  1. Starlight Kiss by
  2. Romeo and Juliet by
  3. Secret Romance by
  4. Doctor Love by
  5. The Love Boat by


Gambling sites offer love slots free:

If you try to count the gambling sites available on the internet, you may get old but the list will never end. But the prominent and famous gambling sites are one in a hundred. It may be difficult for you to find the best sites that have awesome games from renowned providers. Only the collection of love sloty games doesn’t matter, the thing important is the quality that makes them popular among the players. There are many sites there like and that provide you with a mesmerizing collection of lovely slots. If you get the chance to open the site, you will automatically attract towards it because of the thrilling offers they give. So no matter you are login from Australia or New Zealand; you will get all the promotions available like free play promo. In which you have a chance to bet on a love slot free without depositing anything. Isn’t it exciting?


Love on screen:

Playing slots will be more fun if you play them live for real? They not only get you fun and entertainment but also thrilling prizes. You are playing on your mobile or using desktop computers, all features, graphics, sound and the bonus features will be the same. You will not even feel a minor difference. What are you thinking now? How to get more slots love live? No problem, we are recommending you the best gambling sites with a splendid collection of romantic slots. That you can play offline and live too. The games like Secret Romance and Romeo and Juliet are the world renowned sloticious love games that also fall you in the deep love. You will feel like you are a character of a game and the magic of love fills your heart with intense emotions. These games also guarantee you a lot of rewards or maybe you can win jackpot in millions. So hurry up, fasten your seatbelt to fly over the love based slots.


Romance and reward:

What else do you want in your life; a melodrama that also gives you winnings at the end? A bunch of enjoyment with cash prizes? A perfect love story that ends on a jackpot? Like Romeo and Juliet. Or a sparkling kiss under the sky full of stars and bright moon that filled the air with drops of love. Like in Starlight kiss slot. Or you want an injection filled with medicine of love from your love guru; a doctor love slot. If you get the chance to play these games, you will admire our opinion and the game selection too.

Do you ever think that it will happen in real life that you will get a reward on playing love games? It’s not funny; on a serious note what an out of the world thing. That log in to the and get an amazing no deposit bonus on your favorite love-slot that you can simply avail by adding no deposit code before playing. Other daily promotions are also added to maintain the interest of the players like weekend reload in which you will get free spins on adding a promo code to light up your weekend. Don’t feel shy, don’t hesitate; love is waiting to meet your fate.


Game givers of love based slots:

Love slots make you feel like in love when you first hear about them. You unintentionally start feeling like having a connection with them, that you should give them a try. If you love playing slots then you are going to get involved with them. They give you amazing love kind of feeling when you first open them, with all those colors and heart themed games with beautiful covers and lovely interface with all lovable features, everything that can get you glued with them and you don’t want to leave any sooner. These amazing feelings are planned for you by some astonishing games makers who make it possible for you to fall in love again. Some of these heart touching slots providers are:



Net Entertainment is one of the leading brands in igaming world. They are providers of some mind blowing items. They have made themselves so popular that most of the famous and outclass casinos get in touch with them looking for some awesome games to attract people towards them. Games with a comfortable environment, eye catching interface, drastic designs and amazingly superb features. Slots of all kinds no matter what kind you like, you will find everything provided by Netent on their very own gaming network or many popular online casinos.


Play n’ go:

If you want to have some ongoing sloty fun, along with various range of slots  to play on the go and with extreme fun and entertainment, without any trouble, then you are in good hands. Play’n Go is one the biggest gaming brands who is well known for award winning game providers, providing an amazing and blasting range of slots to casinos all over the world. They give you pleasure of gaming with love and comfort. Being at ease and falling in love again and again, whenever you play, what else do you need in your hands while you are sitting at home?



Playtech is known for making their name in igaming by providing various and very demanding extremely interesting slots. They provide their gaming services all around the world and even provide their own poker network for game lovers to play online. They are famous for providing different genres of casino games including slots, sports betting, roulette and poker etc.



Another classy game partner, known for providing games with thrilling features cute and cool designs and covers, and providing joy with humbleness. They believe in making people happy and busy with their own enormous entertainment accompanying them everywhere on mobiles and on desktops so that they never feel alone or bored again.



Microgaming is one of the largest gaming brands which is one of the most important planets in the space of igaming. Microgaming is an award winning brand and they are famous for providing slots with love and comfort and many exciting options for online gaming. They are getting rich by providing games to the top casinos all over the world and they also claim to give the highest payouts to their customers in case of winnings.


Mobile friendly:

Do you ever feel like you are all alone? Have nothing to do and no one to talk to? Do you feel desperate at that time when you are all alone with no tasks to be done? Do you feel exhausted sometimes, because of the same, dull, boring routine and plenty of work? Do you need a relaxation dose on an urgent basis but don’t know what to do and where to go? You need a hand that could console you, make you feel special, and make you feel loved. If you are tired and want to get your mind a little break then love is the best therapy for you. Well, love isn’t something really available that easily these days which you can say is reliable as well, so we might have something here for you that can replicate love for you and will give you immense pleasure and joy that you will forget about everything else. Yes, we are talking about live slots, which will make you feel happy, being in love and playing with your eyes wide open due to the charming and mesmerizing beautiful designs themed in colors of love.

You are just going to need your mobile for that. And how to get more slots love live? Well, you are just going to need to download a love slot that amaze you, on your mobile after searching for one on your web browser. And you can forget about everything else, engaging in love. You can even play love slots free, because if you just want to relax your mind you shouldn’t be afraid about losing your money you have earned with hard work.


How to win by playing romantic slots?

Do you want to play and gamble by sitting at your home but have no idea where to look? Do you prefer everything right on your doorstep? Do you want to have a live casino inside your house? Do you want to win exciting prizes and big money by playing slots that don’t bore you or frustrate you? Then you are in the right place, reading this review. It will help you find amazing and wonderful casino games to play on your PC or smart devices. Whatever and wherever you want to play.

Playing love slots is no different than the other slot games, the strategy and procedure is just the same except the pleasure, romance and night love you feel while playing love slots. They make you fall in love with them as soon as you open their starter page.


What is their future?

Slots these days are winning people’s hearts with their vibrant colors and colorful themes and interface, magical slots, 3d slots, video slots, love slots and a lot of other options. What do you think will be the future of slots which have already made their place in most of the game and gambling livers all over the world? Slots are growing and going towards success rapidly. Most famous and top class casinos make the best slots available on their websites which are provided by the world’s best game providers. They are making people happy, by providing the latest and best designed games and slots. They are continually working on making the best possible solutions to entertain people in new and different ways, by creating and providing slots with new features each day.


Comparison of mobile and desktop:

Do you prefer mobile for playing slots or do you love playing them on your desktop? Well, both of them are doing marvelous jobs on their ends when it comes to love slots. If you are more comfortable playing games on mobile then it will give you ease of having all fun on your mobile by just downloading a mobile app. And if you feel good playing on the desktop with better vision and charming look on a big screen with amazing sound effects then you can have all your love saved on PC. It gives you the best experience no matter if you play it on mobile or desktop. If you are staying home on the weekend and have no mood to go out but want to have some thrill and adventure then you can choose a desktop.

If you are going out to your office or somewhere you do not want to go but you have to, then you can have your mobile accompanying you with your love slots. They are not going to let you bore or wait for the boring function to come to an end. You can have yourself lost in a staggering and romantic world of slots.



What do you think about having to live all around you? Don’t you feel amazing and out of the world when being loved? Love is that beautiful feeling which makes you fly without wings. Love is the most important and beautiful experience for you to have. But if you haven’t experienced it yet then we have just introduced you to something that is going to make you fall in love again and again. Yes, we are talking about these love slots like Secret Romance and Romeo and Juliet. Once you open them, you are going to be mesmerized by the loveable and playful theme and design. Love is blind, but not all kind, fun you can find, all in one bind.